What’s forsythia?

It’s that wild yellow shrub you see blooming after the crocuses but before the tulips.

Who took these pictures?

Me! With the exception of this gorgeous photo of forsythia, which the gracious Diana Brennan let me use, and a few others here and there, which I note, all the photos are my work.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. But I’d refer you to this wise post by one of my favorite bloggers, Deb Perelman, who’ll assure you that it’s less about the kind of camera and more about practice.

Can I use any of your photos?

Ask first, and please credit me with a link back to my site.

I noticed some prayers on your site. Did you write those?

Yes, I did, unless I’ve noted otherwise. You can find them handily indexed on this page.

May I use one of them?

I’d be honored. If you’re praying it in a public setting or printing it in an order of worship, please send me an e-mail (forsythiaroot [at] gmail [dot] com) and make sure to attribute it to me.

Have you written anything else?

Yes, in fact!

The journal Perspectives published this essay after it won the Conference on Christianity & Literature’s student writing prize, this one about our summer on Whidbey Island, and another about baptism and membership. I’ve also written a number of devotionals for Words of Hope; you can find those here. And if you want to see some early writing, you can read a couple of poems and a short story in the archives of Ruminate Magazine.

Since July 2015, I’ve also contributed regularly to RCA Today, though you’ll have to make your best guess as to which stories are mine!

I noticed that you misspelled something or left out a comma in a post.

Please point it out! I’m cringing just thinking about it.


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