but also, joy


Lest you think I go about my life drained and never filled, exhausted and never replenished, hear this:

my daughter brings me so. much. joy.

I realized this when I was tracking my health habits for a rewards program through our insurance company. One of the habits is laughing—a good belly laugh at least once a day. In 2015, I almost never recorded that I had laughed. Because I almost never laughed.

In 2016? I check that box every day.

This girl. It’s hard not to laugh with her. She chats with her koala buddies, who hang from her bouncy seat. She kicks up a storm when she’s naked on the changing table. She squawks cheerfully when we read Go, Dog. Go! to her. She wakes up, wide-eyed and ready to talk. She smiles when she’s supposed to be sleeping. She smiles when she’s sleeping: her little mouth moves, unaware of its expression, and lands in dreamy happiness.

Our hearts burst.


10 thoughts on “but also, joy

  1. I love the little sleepy smiles 🙂 And the smiles and giggles become more and more frequent as our girls grow. Babies do bring joy, and exhaustion, and fear, and strength. I love your writing, Grace.

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