some days are like that

pom pom plants

Thank you for families. Thank you for those people who, just as I’m on the verge of falling apart, swoop into town with strong arms for shifting furniture and ingredients for both lunch and dinner and the kind of hugs I’m glad I haven’t outgrown. Thank you for sending them the day after I had to read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day as bedtime consolation and still believed that moving to Australia was probably the solution.

farmland in november

Thank you for bright November mornings and for the peace that comes with eating a scone slathered in butter. Thank you for mild November afternoons. Thank you that bare branches mean more sunlight through the gaps. Thank you for dark November evenings of spaghetti squash and a card game and the cocoon of those people, those swooping-in people, who redeemed the day.

Thank you.

(This post is one in a November series for NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. You can find the rest here.)


2 thoughts on “some days are like that

  1. Why have I not heard that bare branches let in more sunlight?? Bare branches are beautiful and do cast wonderful shadows. Marilyn

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