january 2: we are eager

flying a kite

It’s complete madness and hubris to bring a new life into the world. What authority do we have to create? To call a life into existence? Living is much too fraught with heartache and hopelessness to bring forth life flippantly. Making a person seems not so much like taking a risk as giving a risk to another.

And yet! He will give rain for the seed with which you sow the ground (Isaiah 30:23). From beginning to end, it’s not in our hands. The Lord is the Creator. We create, too, but only because he does. If he withheld his creative power, no new life would come into being and all existing life would shrivel up instantly.

Oh, Jesus knows how fraught with heartache and hopelessness this life can be. He also knows how full of beauty and delight it is! Meteor showers! Slimy black slugs! Plant propogation! What wonder! Backrubs and family breakfasts! What intimacy! Without existence, we’d never know any of that.

And that’s why, though I think we’re mad, I’m also eager for the life Dan and I have been given to bring into the world. We get the privilege of introducing this person to life: to Breathe Owl Breathe and ripe peaches and Lisbeth Zwerger. We get to show this person the soft, spreading moss that clings to the north side of tree trunks. We get to share molten chocolate lava cake. We get to read The Little House and From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and sing lullabies that always bring sleep.

Dan and I will also get to discover so much anew. The curiosity of this person, his or her creativity and character, will introduce us to things we’ve maybe never known or noticed. New songs, new books, new constellations, new creatures, new kinds of love.

We are eager.


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