a prayer at a funeral

lake austin, howard's favorite place

Dan’s grandfather passed away in mid-May. I offered this prayer at his funeral service.

Eternal God, shepherd of your people,
we feel the fleeting passage of life:
All people are grass,
their constancy is like the flower of the field.
The grass withers, the flower fades…

We give thanks to you for the flowers of the field while they last.
Thank you for the life of Howard Claus,
for his good humor, his steadfastness, his generosity, his love.
Thank you for the gift he has been to us,
for the chance we had to share this life with him
and to know him.

But now we grieve.
The grass has withered, the flower has faded,
and we are in need of your comfort, Lord.
Speak tenderly to us,
especially to those closest to Howard who feel his absence most acutely.

In these early days and weeks following Howard‘s death,
feed us like a shepherd,
gather us in your arms,
and carry us in your bosom.

Only there, close to your heart,
will we find refuge and strength in you.
Though Howard‘s death has felt as if the earth is shaking,
as though the mountains are slipping into the sea,
as though the waters are roaring and foaming,
you are our ever present help in time of trouble.
You stand forever.

Care for us until the day
when we will greet Howard again
and see you face to face.

In Christ’s name,


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