prayer to the Spirit as tongues

hope college dimnent chapel service

Holy Spirit,

When God exhaled at Pentecost,
first came the wild wind,
and then you rested like a tongue of fire
on the head of each person gathered there.

Those tongues bobbed and flickered
and warmed the hearts of those on whom they rested,
the same people who suddenly spoke and heard
in a hundred different tongues,
familiar tongues, strange tongues,
each one bearing witness to the Son.

May you rest upon us always,
Holy Spirit, Holy Flame,
kindling in us souls
that burn with a desire to know you,
to tell of your work.

Make us brave,
make us articulate,
make us reflections of your light.

And with your Word, illumine for us our lives.
Blaze brightly, Spirit.
Speak clearly.

The photo at the top is a photo of our students taken during the final chapel sermon that Dan and I preached at Hope College. We love those people and that place.

Also, if you’re interested in other prayers to and about the Holy Spirit, check out my colleague Bruce Benedict’s resources for the Book of Acts at Cardiphonia.


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