call: lent in pictures day 42



+ + +

The buds for next spring have already formed on the branches by late fall.

I’ve been holding those words close these days, after I read them on a card at a friend’s house. The strange winter wilderness of not knowing still surrounds us. We can’t see the fruit yet. Not even the first green shoots. Just bare branches and blank sky.

But the little nubbin of life already exists. Sprouts and leaves and flowers and whole trees are ahead for us. God is calling us to flourish, though the reality of winter feels more real than the memory of last spring. Every year, we forget. Every season is brand new, again.

God designed the world to work this way. God prepares the trees for new life before they even go dormant. He knows what’s ahead. But he asks us to make it through winter before we can sink into spring.

Oh, we are ready. If we hear one little bird call, if the ground warms one more degree, if the sun shines for another minute, we’ll be ready to burst into bloom.

+ + +

This post is part of a Lent Photo-a-Day series, connected to Rethink Church. The rest are here.


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