lent in pictures days 25 to 31

sand cranes at lake austin


+ + +

Thanks for being gracious with this week’s hiatus; we’ve been traveling to other places: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina. Now we’re back in our place, but here are a few photos from our journey, starting today and moving backwards to last Saturday.

+ + +

lake keowee, south carolina


Evening over Lake Keowee.

+ + +

buds in oconee state park


Buds in Oconee State Park.

+ + +

humpback gap overlook


Humpback Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

+ + +

another evening in the shenandoah valley


Cultivated farmland is hardly wilderness, I know, but it’s a hundred times wilder than my front yard.

+ + +

sunrise over shenandoah valley farmland


This, they tell us, is most every morning from their front porch.

+ + +

sunset over shenandoah valley farmland


After a full day of driving, we came upon this lovely scene, the pasture across the road from Jonathan and Annie’s home in the Shenandoah Valley. We made it.

+ + +

This post is part of a Lent Photo-a-Day series, connected to Rethink Church. The rest are here.


2 thoughts on “lent in pictures days 25 to 31

  1. What a blessing this is to me. Thank you so very much. I enjoy photography too and each of these pictures capture a story, poem or essay.
    Thank you for sharing. Kathleen

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