celebrate: lent in pictures day 12

madeleine l'engle's the irrational season


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On New Year’s Eve, sitting under the stars while hot tub steam wafted up and clouded our wine glasses, we talked with our friends about our hopes for 2015. One friend amazed the rest of us with her reading goal for the year. (Was it 40??) She recalled the year she had to hole up in her room on December 30 and 31 so she could finish the last two. While everyone else had gathered around the television, pouring champagne, she had been wildly turning pages, determined to reach her goal.

She has since reduced the number, but it’s still way above what I read last year. When I read for pleasure, it’s in the half-hour or so before I fall asleep, and I generally don’t make much progress from night to night. So I resolved (secretly at first, in case I didn’t make it), to read 24 books this year.

Twenty-four sounds piddling next to Stephen King, who says in his book On Writing, “I’m a slow reader, but I usually get through seventy or eighty books a year, most fiction.” Slow reader, my foot.

That’ll be a resolution for another lifetime. For now, I’m celebrating (and mourning) another book read.

Also, I can’t promise that it’s always up to date, but if you want to see what I’m reading (and share what you are!), head over to Goodreads and let’s connect.

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This post is part of a Lent Photo-a-Day series, connected to Rethink Church. The rest are here.


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