a prayer to the re/creating Spirit

austin lake

Come, Creator Spirit!

Your breath is the life of creation;
without you, we are not.
You hover over the waters of non-creation
and stir up life, causing atoms to line up
shoulder to shoulder,
blooming into plankton and eels,
grasses and oaks,
cattle and sparrows.
When you send forth your spirit,
we are created;
and you renew the face of the ground.

Your breath is our life; your work our creation.
It was not until God bent down
and breathed into Adam’s nostrils
that he became a living being.
Holy Spirit, you soar and swell
and indwell your creation so that we might live.
If you take away our breath,
we die and return to our dust.
Have mercy on us; give us life.

And your work is renewal, re-creation.
When Ezekiel came upon the bone-dry, dry-bones valley,
he might have despaired,
but you, Breath of God,
came from the four winds and exhaled,
and the still bones rattled and clattered
and came together, bone to bone, joint to joint,
and took on flesh and sinew and muscle
and lived.

When Mary was interrupted by an angel
as she went about her day,
you, Holy Spirit, came upon her,
and the power of the Most High overshadowed her,
and Jesus Christ, the new Adam,
sparked the redemption of creation,
the renewal of humanity and of all things.

And when you claim us as your own,
you promise to give us a new heart
and to put a new spirit within us.
You create us anew:
No longer will we stand still as stone,
cold, unfeeling, heartless.
Now our hearts throb with your lifeblood,
are warm with your grace.
Birth us anew, Creator Spirit,
give us new life as we listen to your Word proclaimed.
Let these dry bones live and move and have our being in you.

With all of creation, we groan and say,

If you’re interested in other prayers to and about the Holy Spirit, check out my colleague Bruce Benedict’s resources for the Book of Acts at Cardiphonia.


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