to heidi, with apologies

coconut chips

It’s late, we’re watching old episodes of the West Wing and distracting ourselves with this amusing app, but it’s the final push of NaBloPoMo, and I’m determined, so here goes:

Dear Heidi,

Forgive me. I know you are one of the most beloved food bloggers of all time. You’ve won awards, your pictures kill me with their gorgeous perfection, everyone loves you and your creativity with ingredients.

But I can’t do it.

I can’t keep making your recipes.

(We don’t like them.)

Is it me? Am I bad a replicating them? Do I not season enough? (Answer: probably not.)

Is it you? Do you have superhumanly-sensitive taste buds that pick up the most delicate hints of the most delicate flavors? Are you a magician in the kitchen?

Whatever the reason, we’ve mostly given up. We’ve had to come to grips with the fact that our renditions of your light-bathed photographs turn out bland or worse. I’ve begun to turn elsewhere for inspiration. (Although your desserts? Spot-on.)

But when two of my new favorites, Molly at Remedial Eating and Hannah at Inherit the Spoon, both suggested your pumpkin soup recipe and spoke glowingly about you, I decided to give you another shot. Can we rekindle our former love?

pumpkin soup

. . . And the jury’s out. The soup itself? So-so. Maybe I should’ve listened to Hannah and stuck to water rather than broth.

But the lemon rosemary ginger brown butter sauce knocked me dead. Made the soup something. Made me slurp its nectar off everything it touched: soup, spoon, serving spoon, bowl, pan.

You may not be entirely out of our good graces, Heidi.



(Any of these versions—Heidi’s, Molly’s, Hannah’s—would make a good soup, as long as you don’t skip the brown butter. Promise? Follow their leads. Links above. And if you want to see the rest of the posts for NaBloPoMo, you can find them here.)


3 thoughts on “to heidi, with apologies

  1. Grace! That brown butter is the bees knees! You must think of the soup as a vehicle for the butter. But, but – I know your jury is out and I don’t want to try and sway them – BUT – the soup itself. Have you tried it in a mug, with a nice dash of cayenne? Because as much as I love that butter, it is possible I actually prefer the soup straight up, as a sipping soup, with some extra heat over top. You’ll have to let me know when your jury returns. Happy holidays to you and yours.

    (P.s. – NaBloPoMo, whew! Almost at the finish line …)

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