making pesto

We all made dinner last night. All 35 of us women.

We gathered, nervous, in the basement of the church, not sure about the evening. Only two of the five of us had ever taught anyone to cook, at least formally. And the thirty students? I’d guess about half of them don’t cook, and didn’t know each other, and weren’t entirely sure what they were in for. (Neither were we.)

But the five of us who taught the class are convinced that preparing and eating a meal together is a Christian act. God extends hospitality to us; we extend it to one another. God offers us soul-food; we take our share and pass the dish.

slicing bread

So we made too much, because we didn’t know how many would show, and because abundance is the way of the kingdom. We made gallons too many of the squash soup, one too many apple tarts, and just enough pesto to send some home.

Five loaves and two fish isn’t a thing of the past.

(This post is one in a November series for NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. You can find the rest here!)


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