we reach for the heavens,

the plants and I do.

succulents leaning toward the sun

They reach all day long, turning their emerald palms flat toward the sun. When I turn their pots, they bend the other way and develop a permanent kink in their spines.

I think them pathetic sometimes. So needy. Sun, sun, sun. So frail. Wilting without water, slumping without sun.

arms in a V

But here I am, standing behind them, my arms stretched in a sun salute, mimicking the V of their own arms. I lean backward, trying to snap the kink out of my spine. I lean forward, gulping in light.

So needy, so frail.

I think I will walk around all day with my palms up.

(This post is one in a November series for NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. You can find the rest here!)


2 thoughts on “we reach for the heavens,

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