a prayer after colossians 2 & 3

alaskan mountains

Christ who is our head,
thank you for holding us fast,
for nourishing us and growing us with God’s growth,
for hiding us with yourself,
for wrapping our lives into your life,
for plunging us into the death of baptism
and then hauling us out, dripping and alive,
so that we will one day be revealed with you in glory. 

We pray for those who find themselves
still bound to the elemental spirits of the universe,
who follow the regulations of self-imposed piety,
humility, and severe treatment of the body.
Demonstrate the freeing power of your life to those of us
who are trying to find it in a spiritual regimen,
or in a self-help book,
or in a rigorous diet and exercise routine.
We lift up those who are caught in the jaws of an eating disorder. 

Show all of us how easy your yoke is and how light your burden is,
how the life that comes by being baptized into your death and resurrection
is the only life that holds up. 

We look forward to the day when all of your saints
will be revealed with you in glory.


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