a thanksgiving prayer for spring


Blessed are you, Lord our God, King and Creator of the universe.

It’s both appropriate and our joy to give thanks to you.

You set the galaxies spinning and the stars sparkling.
Thank you.
You nourished the land so that it would bring forth life:
the first gold-green buds of spring,
the crocuses, daffodils, magnolia trees, grape hyacinth, forsythia, and tulips.
Thank you.
You have given us life and being and preserve us by your providence.
Thank you for that, too.

As if your creative extravagance were not enough,
you have also given us Jesus Christ,
the one through whom all things were created.

In him, you are reconciling all things to yourself.
In him, creation can quit its groaning and know redemption.
In him, we know redemption.
Thank you.

By the mysterious power of your Spirit,
you bind us to Christ,
who abides in us and in whom we abide.
By the power of the Spirit,
our little frantic lives are caught up into the divine life,
are given meaning and purpose,
are restored to union with their creator.
For all these things, Lord, we give you thanks.

Blessed are you.


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