a prayer before a baptism

sunset from cozumel

God of wind and fire, water and light,
you are a covenant God.
We bless you for the sunlight that broke through the rain
and cast a rainbow in the sky, a sign of your promise.
We bless you for the clear night when Abraham
stared into the heavens and counted the pinpricks of light,
for the smoking fire pot and flaming torch
that passed between the animal halves and sealed the covenant.
We bless you for Christ, the only light shining in the darkness of Good Friday,
and for the gale-force grace that ripped the temple curtain in two,
making a new covenant possible.

We praise you for the wind that blew through the Red Sea
and carved a channel for the Israelites to pass through.
We praise you for the break in the clouds
and the breeze that brought the dove at the moment
that Jesus himself rose dripping wet from the River Jordan.
We praise you for the dew that settled on the ground on Holy Saturday,
for the air that carried the fragrant spices of Jesus’ burial cloths,
for the bright fingers of dawn creeping over the eastern horizon on Easter Sunday.
We praise you for the rush of wind that swept the flames
onto the heads of everyone gathered at Pentecost,
for the Holy Spirit whose very breath makes us a people,
who unites us to the death and resurrection of Jesus himself.

Send that same Spirit upon us now,
light a fire in our communal heart,
mark us with the burning iron of your love and grace,
and let us blaze the more brightly as this flame is added to the communion of saints.

We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever.


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