a prayer for healing

O Christ our Lord, as in times past, not all the sick and suffering found their way to your side, but had to have their hands taken, or their bodies carried, or their names mentioned. So confident of your goodness, we bring to you now others we know, and our whole world, which you know.

We lift before you all who share the affliction of cancer.
It harms our families, our churches, our friends, all communities.
We grow sick of the very word.
We hold before you those we know and all who suffer from this disease.

We bring to you the diseases that torment our world,
and ask you to free the people who carry them:
AIDS, both in North America and abroad,
pneumonia and diarrhea in children,
multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis,
heart disease,
multiple sclerosis,

We know people whose minds are racked by the demons of
eating disorders,

Purge our world of these heartbreaking illnesses. Restore life where there has been death.

We know we can’t name every person or every disease, but you know all their names. We trust that you remember the people we’ve forgotten or haven’t thought of, and that you always intercede for them.

As in times past, Loving Lord, you looked at the faith of friends and let peace and healing be known, so look on our faith, even our little faith, and may your Kingdom come, and your will be done. All this we pray in the strong name of Jesus Christ our Lord.


[The opening and closing sections of the prayer are drawn from the Iona Community’s A Wee Worship Book. Dan and I collaboratively wrote the rest.]


4 thoughts on “a prayer for healing

  1. grace, i stumbled upon this & just want to say this is such a lovely & heartening blog. it makes me wish we could’ve known one another better in college. your writing makes me want to write, and as a writer im sure you know the importance of that. -elise

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