a prayer after 2 kings 6


You are the ultimate host.
You have sent out the most radical invitation
to guests who have no way to return the favor.
Your invitation is an act of reconciliation
so that we who were once at odds with you
can return and enter into your kingdom.

You have thrown open the doors of your house and invited us,
the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame, to a feast.
You pull out all the stops,
fixing the finest foods and the sweetest drink.
You not only welcome us to your table,
but you also prepare rooms especially for us,
so we can live and never leave.


We pray for those whose food is hard to come by.
We pray for American farmers whose crops cannot grow for lack of rain,
for subsistence farmers whose soil will not produce enough food for their children,
for the urban poor who have no access to fresh, affordable produce.

We pray for those in our community and our church who eat alone,
for those who have lost a spouse, another family member, or a dear friend,
for those who are too sick or weary or depressed or otherwise unable to fix a meal.

Sustain us through difficult, lonely times,
be our companion when we have no other,
and prompt us to share our meals with those who need company
and a hand in the kitchen.

Nourish us in deep ways,
because we know that we do not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from your mouth.



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