cows, and a revision

The evening light was just perfect last night, so I drove down to Dugualla Bay and took some pictures to remind us of our drive home each day. I know it’s a little unorthodox, but I’ve gone back into the post from last week and added these photos, because I got brave and decided to let the pictures accompany the words.

Blogging is teaching me about trust. Sometimes I have to trust that it’s not the right time to post, even though every bone in my body is telling me it’s urgent—as it did two posts ago, when I didn’t have a fitting picture, and I have since regretted the disconnect between the words and the photo. There’s a certain amount of integrity and coherence that a post must have, and that one fell short.

But other times, I have to trust that the post is good. It’s not like a novel or a short story or some piece of writing that requires draft after draft, revision after revision, to find its integrity. It doesn’t have to feel complete and perfect. So do me a favor and go back and read the earlier post, with new pictures. It’s not perfect, but it feels right.


One thought on “cows, and a revision

  1. I never have words for the “color of air” or light, but there are qualities that make light very moving. Have you named the cows? Marilyn

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