a prayer after psalm 114

Jesus, we remember the far country, where we were enslaved to sin,
and sometimes we dream of going back.
But you brought us out of that dark land
into the high country of your salvation.
We became your temple,
the people with whom you dwell.

Your salvation comes with such force
that Puget Sound would drain itself at your feet,
The Cascades and the Olympics would quiver with fear,
knowing better than to stand in the way of your salvation.

The whole earth should tremble at your presence, Lord—
even us, both in reverence and in gratitude.
Too often, though, we don’t tremble.
Instead, we stand defiant and full of ourselves, resistant to your mercy.
Forgive us, and put within us a healthy fear of the Lord.

For you have flushed our hearts with living water,
you have turned our stony souls into fresh water.


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